Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chugga A Chugga Choo Choo!

This post should actually come before Russell's birthday week as it took place on Sat. Jan.5th. I was supposed to go back to work on Jan. 3rd but due to my back pain, I couldn't go back and went to the Dr. instead. That Saturday, I got a text from my friend Dina who said to look on my front porch. And look what I found! Donuts, OJ, chocolate milk, my vinyl she was dropping off and a mickey mouse balloon (that Sophia immediately confiscated). Isn't Dina sweet! And those donuts definitely made my back feel better....or maybe it was just the sugar high. Thanks Dina!

Later that morning, Atticus and Tricia came over to play with the trains.

It's always so fun to watch Atticus's amazement and wonder when he gets to run the trains. Pure joy!

After the big train, we played with the the smaller EZ track one. Russell recently got a bunch of new track to make loops.

I love the way Atticus always feels right at home when he comes over. From day one, back when they were 2 ish, he just came right in and made himself at home.

It was a great play date! The kiddos even played in Sophia's room for a bit so the mommies could chat!

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Anonymous said...

This was a FUN playdate! Sophia and Atticus played so well together...they had a big time. Who needs the Trains at North Park? We've got the Trains at the Kaminskis that we look forward to every year! It is such a treat for Atticus, and y'all are sweet to share it with us.
P.S. Once again, I promise, I did brush my kid's hair. Ugh!