Sunday, January 13, 2013

A White Christmas

Around 11 or 12 in the afternoon, it started snowing! My first white Christmas (we were out of town 2 years ago when it snowed around Christmas time).

And it was cold enough for it to actually stick and accumulate. 

Because the Kaminski clan was staying at Uncle Brice's and Aunt Cynthia's in Haslet, they were kind of apprehensive about driving to our house and back in the icy road conditions. Chickens!

So they missed out on Russell's awesome leg of lamb roast, twice baked potatoes and bacon wrapped green beans. 

We had a nice relaxing day. It was amazing at naptime, watching those big snowflakes rain down. So calming and peaceful.

Once we all had our naps, it was time to rock the microphone!

I'm really not sure who had more fun. Russell, Sophia or myself (getting to watch it all). 
Good times!


Anonymous said...

Yes! I absolutely love these pictures of Russell and Sophia!!! Over the top FUN!!!

Dina said...

Those are the BEST pictures! So cute! I want to come to their next concert!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

GREATNESS!! I am so in love with this pictures- what a fun treasure for Sophia!
PS... That white Christmas two years ago was Addy's first and our last one up there (sigh)

Allison said...

Adorable! These will be great pictures to have always! Sophia will love seeing them as she grows and Russell will savor the joy he sees it bring her again and again. Even when she is "laughing at him" as a teen. Bummer that the family was split though.