Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maroon 5

This past Thursday, I went to my first concert in forever.....Maroon5! I thought it was Morrissey but I'm pretty sure it was Depeche Mode. I went with my friend Tricia, her sister Gina and their mutual friends.

Tri and I took the train in and let me tell you, that was so awesome! No aggravating traffic scenarios....We just got to catch up! So fun!

Owl City was the opening band.

Neon Trees was next. Loved them! As Tri said,a young Billy Idol.

We had a little break before Maroon 5. Here are Tri and her sis Gina.

Pre-Maroon 5....

Maroon 5!

And here I am! Post concert. Didn't get a group shot of us. Oh, well. 

It was a fun night. I didn't get home until 12:00 am. This was Thurs. night. So Fri. was a really long day at school. But I made it!


Anonymous said...

It was a FUN night!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is pics of Sophia?-LOL-Dad

Allison said...

Sounds and looks great!! Love the train idea... what a way to go to something at the AAC!! I could go for a little Maroon 5 concert right about now...