Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spread the Delirium!

My Spring Break started off with a bang! My friends Tricia and Joanne went to a book signing by Lauren Oliver.
She is the author of the Delirium series. 

About a month ago I found out she was doing a book signing in Wylie Texas. It was perfect for Joanne and I because it fell on our Spring Break. Unfortunately, Tricia had to take a half day but I think it was worth it.

 Wylie Texas? Who has a book signing in Wylie Tx? She said her publishing company has been focusing on having them in public libraries.

Earlier that day I got a text from Tricia saying the library website said they were only letting in the first 200 people. So then we were worried we might not even get in.
We left a little after one. It took about an hour to get there. We were so excited to get wristbands to participate in the book signing portion and we got in line to hear her speak. We got there in time to be in the 200 they let in. 

We had fun passing the time catching up (boy do I miss bunko).

She was such an entertaining speaker. She was very funny but also frank and honest.

I didn't actually look at my watch but I think she spoke for about 30-40 minutes and then took questions for about an hour. I'm probably exaggerating. But pretty much anyone that had a question was able to ask one. 

She also did a short reading from Requiem.

And then she signed our books and took pics with us. 

Such a great time with great friends! And to my new B.F.F. Lauren Oliver, thanks for being so generous with your time (and sorry for wanting to hit you in the face for your ending to Requiem....after listening to you speak, I understand your reasons. But next time you should call me when you're struggling with an ending to a book). LOL!

Her book series is being turned into a TV show that will come out on Fox in the Fall. So watch for it. Hopefully it's as good as the books. 


Anonymous said...

Where are pics of Sophia?-LOL--Paw Paw

Anonymous said...

I will never forget this day! It was memorable from start to finish. Lauren was awesome and I'm thankful I got to share the experience with you and Joanne. Choose love!