Tuesday, March 26, 2013


And back by popular demand......pics of Sophia (LOL!). 

This past weekend we were supposed to have a game on Sat but it got rained out, but we did end up playing on Sun. And boy was it windy and cold. 

But the kids didn't seem to mind.

But we were frozen on the sidelines. Thanks to my mom and dad who came out and watched in such a cold blustery day. And thanks for the blanket!

Sophia got a lot more action this game. She got to kick off the ball. Throw in the ball. And actually kicked the ball in play. I asked her why she was afraid to touch the ball last week and she said she was too shy. She didn't want to kick it in front of everyone. But boy does this girl love to run. She will chase the ball endlessly. And once she gets there and she's  the only one possible person to play the ball, she steps around and lets someone else get it. 

BUT, she's having fun and likes it so far. I think she just loves running. 

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Allison said...

What fun! Maybe she will enjoying running like her mama, and perhaps track will be her sport of choice. Or she will forget about being shy because kicking the ball is a lot of fun too!! Either way, have fun - Go Sophia!