Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sophia's First Soccer Game

Last weekend, we had Sophia's first soccer game. It was a 2 o'clock game so no nap time for family. :)

And boy are they doing things differently than when I started at 6 (for the better). For the little kids, they have 4 on 4 on a much smaller field and no goalie. We played on a full size field with 11 on 11. They play four 15 minute quarters, with a longer break at half. We played two 45 minute halves.

They have 7 players on the team so they sub players in and out to give them breaks.

Sophia is #10 and their team name is The Hawks.

And as I mentioned previously, Russell is the assistant coach, which seems to be going just fine (Sophia actually listens and obeys).

The coach of the other team is a friend of mine from Wilshire, Amy, used to be our school nurse. Her daughter plays on the green team. 

I can actually say they did a really good job. Nobody was picking daisies or goofing off. They paid attention, followed the ball and and least were kicking int the right direction. Can't wait to see their progress.

Now to head home to get ready to go out with the Hardens.


Anonymous said...

Sophia looks like a natural out there!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pro- just like her mom and pop. Will be there Saturday and can't wait to cheer her on. Lov yall and have missed yall--Dad