Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Day...Another Park

Sophia said she wanted to go to another park today so I told her we'd go to a park but first we had to go on a run. I told Sophia to go get some clothes to change into and this is the ensemble she came up with. I give her credit for trying to coordinate colors but someone needs to talk to her about coordinating patterns (and Holiday attire).

So off we went to Mayfair Park.

Tag! You're it Sophia!

It wouldn't be a park outing without a couple of falls on Sophia's part. And this trip was no exception. She fell/slid down the ladder because she was climbing down and not up, hitting her head on the railing and scraping her back on the steps. She was able to shake that off but next she fell headfirst off of a step down as she turned around to go the other way. After that, she said she wanted to go home.


Anonymous said...

I like the two shots of her sitting on the black stool...especially the second one with her crooked mouth! Looks like Russell had fun, too.
P.S. Love the shirt, Erin!

Allison said...

Ouch! Spills are no fun... the outfit was super though!