Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Star is Born

This past Tuesday, we braved the traffic to Saginaw to see my nephew Will perform with his fellow 2nd graders. Will had one of the lead parts with the most lines...Santa. Now if you'll remember what Will looks like (tall, skinny) that might give you a little chuckle trying to imagine him playing Santa. But he pulled it off.

 Santa is the leader of the choir so here he is directing. The choir members are different animals.
 What amazed me is that when I was at their house prior to the show, he was not nervous at all. We got to the school...still not nervous. On stage...not nervous. Nerves of steel I tell you! He remembered all of his lines (one little falter on one but he got it together and delivered his lines).
 I was so proud and impressed that he could get up there in front of everyone and act.

In the  last scene of the play, an adult Santa came out and all of the audience was invited to visit Santa, have their picture made etc. Sophia started screaming "I wanna go home". She was not prepared for that.
 She kept an eye on that Santa the whole time.

 Sorry Robin, I know you'll hate this pic of you but it's really cute of Will and Sophia.
After this most recent experience with Santa, we've opted to skip our train ride to downtown and see Santa. I think she's had all the Santa she can handle for one year. Maybe next year.


Allison said...

Great job, Will! Sophia is a serious fan! I have to know... were there any lobsters in the array of animals?!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Will! Not even nervous?! Very impressive. And sometimes a little bit of Santa goes a lonnngggg way!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Yay for cousin Will! I am a firm believer in getting kids up on stage while they don't know any better to keep their confidence up- i love public speaking! and poor sophia... too much santa... i get that, too.