Monday, December 20, 2010

A Visit From Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia

Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia came over to visit on Saturday. One of our planned activities was to make Christmas cookies (which I'd never done before by myself). Usually, Aunt Brandy always made the dough ahead of time and I'd help with the cutting out and decorating.

Our first attempt at Christmas cookies started off very messy. Poor Aunt Cynthia.

It soon would go from bad to worse.

Did I mention I don't do much baking? It said to use margarine so I assumed it was okay to use our Country Crock spread. I assumed wrong. It was sooooo sticky it was impossible to roll out.

I love Cynthia's expression in this one.

We went ahead and gave Sophia a double chocolate chip cookie we'd made over the weekend since our cookie experience was a bust.
Donna's daughter made this hat for Sophia (she's taking orders).

Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia gave Sophia her Christmas card early. It's a pop up card.

We were all having fun in the kitchen. Then before we knew it, Sophia had busted her lip open pretending she was a frog. Thank goodness she didn't damage her teeth. Just her lip. Poor girl!

A little ice cream made her feel better.

Uncle Brice said he'd pay $1 for a foot massage. Sophia was game. What an entrepreneur.

In this pic, she is directing us (she was pretending she was the choir director).

We decided to watch Rudolph and she got a little scared when the abominable snowman came on the screen.

Then it was time for dress up. Sophia was Tinkerbell and Aunt Cynthia was Silvermist.

Everyone wanted a turn with the snowman hat.
Another appearance by the abominable snowman.

We had a fun visit with Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia, although Sophia was a little moody and bratty. But she is 2 after all. Plus, it was a very busy visit with lots of activity. Can't wait to see y'all on Christmas day!


Anonymous said...

Her expressions are priceless...busted lip and all!

Allison said...

What a day! Sorry about the dough... bummer! Also, the lip - OUCH! Never fun to have a bloody and sad baby. I think she deserved the ice cream!

TLEB said...

Poor girl about the lip - and the dough was pretty funny! Sophia sure is lucky to have such a great Aunt and Uncle to play dress up, etc.. with her! you can tell how much they love her!!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

1) Love Uncle Brice's shirt! Go Rangers! 2) Sophia's expressions!!! You can just hear her activity! 3) sorry about the cookie dough...I bet if you added flour...which is what I had to do my first few times of making sugar cookies...but I see there is a part two...I'll read on...