Monday, December 6, 2010

Russell's Work Brunch

Sophia wasn't very excited about going to Russell's work brunch. I think it was because we kept telling her she'd get to see Santa, and that frightened her. I thought it was funny that she insisted on bringing her camera so she could take pictures of it.

Once we were there, she started to cheer up a bit. We sat with another couple that has a son named Jack.

Sophia was pretty well behaved. She really didn't cry or give us attitude like last year. We were very thankful that she didn't scream at the top of her lungs when she met Mrs. O'Brien (wife of the owner of the company) like she did last year.

Here she's eyeing a girls balloon that she got from BooCoos the clown. Sophia refused to go see the clown. But she really wanted a balloon.

She actually ate pretty well today. She had a blueberry muffin, grapes, a couple of bites of a waffle and about 20 slices of bacon. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little but she really loved the bacon (just like her mama).

We had attempted to visit the clown but once we were almost there, she started to cry and scream. So back to our table we went.

Lucky for her, Jack and his dad made it to the clown and got one just for Sophia.

Here we're in line waiting for Santa . She was a little anxious but really wanted to tell him that she wanted a kitchen.

She started to tear up a little. But I reminded her to tell him what she wanted and I think she regained her focus.

Enough to at least mumble the
But at least we're making progress. I was able to back away and let her sit on his lap by herself without her screaming bloody murder. Last year, we couldn't pry her out of my arms and she refused to sit in his lap. And of course she cried...a lot.

I think she was ready to go back to our table.
After we left, she was so proud of herself for sitting in Santa's lap. She kept saying "Santa's not scary. The clown was scary, but not Santa".

Here she realized that everyone was going home. She kept hollering to her new "friends", "Wait!". So she was stuck with us for the rest of the afternoon.

But she snapped out of it pretty soon. Off to our house.....
Where she was rewarded with a chocolate teddy bear. Not only was she really well behaved but she went the whole time clean and dry.
In fact, Operation Big Girl Underwear has gone off without a hitch. She hasn't had an accident since before Thanksgiving. And for the past 5 nights, she's gone all night without an accident.


Allison said...

Wow! Let me focus quickly on Operation Big Girl Underwear... that is AWESOME! Way to go, Sophia!
Now, for the brunch... makes me hungry just thinking about what we missed this year. ;) So glad that she was able to sit with Santa and maybe next year BooCoos will light her fire. OR... she may always dislike clowns - seems to be a very common feeling among people. BUT, if you end up on a playdate with Cam and Lily... you better get her to at least pretend to like clowns. ;)

Anonymous said...

You captured so many great shots of Sophia. Was Russell scared of Santa? He has crazy eyes in one of the photos! Congratulations on Operation Big Girl Panties!!! Woo hoo!!!
P.S. And who doesn't love bacon?!