Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sophia's PK Christmas Party

Friday night Russell and I went to the Christmas party at Sophia's school. All the parent's came. We were a little worried when we heard that Santa was also invited. As you all know, Sophia is terrified of him.

But to our amazement, she wasn't scared of him at all. I wouldn't say she would want to invite him over for dinner but she did go sit in his lap all by herself.
 Here they are waiting for him to arrive.
 They just heard Santa is on his way.
 This was Sophia's face as he walked in the door.

 Sophia made this beautiful star ornament as her gift to us.
 And she made this beautiful card.
 After Santa left, Sophia could finally relax and enjoy the party.
 The kids participated in a book exchange for their Christmas presents.
That's Kailer who we exchanged with.

 Kailer gave Sophia Pinkalicious, Purplicious, and Goldilicious book series.
 Ms. Melanie got Sophia this cool Tinkerbelle dress up set and a Tinkerbelle doll. This is perfect for Sophia.
 There's Ms. Melanie opening our gift to her. She was very touched and grateful for our gift.
 Then it was time to eat.
 Who knew one office chair could provide so much entertainment?

 Sophia and Kailer loved playing with this little baby.

 Thanks Ms. Melanie for such a great PK experience.

Once we were home, Sophia couldn't wait to bust open her Tinkerbelle dress up chest.

 It was so funny. Once she had the wings on, she didn't understand why she wasn't really flying. So she took matters into her own hands.
Fly Tinkerbelle Fly!


Allison said...

How adorable! What great gifts from Ms. Melanie too - not to mention the gift of a WONDERFUL experience for Sophia being in her care! You suffered enough with previous childcare, someone made sure to put Ms. Melanie in your path and I am so glad!

Lori said...

Daddy flying tinkerbell is the BEST!

Anonymous said...

What a great party, complete with Sophia sitting in Santa's lap. What did you guys give Ms. Melanie? The Tinkerbell dress up set is great! Sophia is the perfect Tinkerbell!