Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Return to Rickels Park.....

Sophia's school is closed this week and Russell took this week off for vacation, so it's been a fun, lazy week with just the 3 of us. We've tried to get Sophia outside as much as possible.
Today, we made a return to Rickels Park.

Russell had to use an extra set of clothes we had in Sophia's bag to dry the slides off and get rid of the layer of ice that was on them.

After a little time on the playground we decided to go on a nature walk. And Russell spotted a hawk.

See it? It blends right into the trees.

We went on the trails that overlook the park.

We had a fun time and Russell was very impressed with the trails that we went on.

On a side note: As I'm typing this up right now, Sophia is eating apple slices. She asked for an apple so I sliced it up for her and she's actually eating it. She calls the peel, the wrapper. She says she's not going to eat the wrapper. And yesterday, she ate oranges that were part of her fruit cup at Chick-Fil-A. Not only that, but she begged for strawberries while we were at Target the other day. Unfortunately they were out. But we got some grapes instead and she ate grapes. I can't believe it!


Meg said...

Yeah on the fruit munchies! Love the multi expressions on Sophia's face especially in the third solo pic in the pink hat!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

I LOVE that she calls the apple peel the "wrapper." That's adorable! Yay on the expansion of fruit in Sophia's diet!! YUM!

Allison said...

Totally spectacular... eating fruit... eating anything of substance. YAY Sophia!!!!!!