Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Today, we took Sophia fishing for the first time down at our community lake. She was super excited to get to use her new princess rod and reel. And this is the outfit she picked out to wear. The only thing that she didn't originally pick out were the boots. She wanted to wear her new light pink boots from Gymboree that I convinced her would get dirty and luckily she switched to the polka dot rain boots. Close one!

She was also super excited about using her new princess chair.

Houston! We have a problem! Not long into the trip, Sophia began having problems with her rod. Russell tried to fix it.

It didn't seem to dampen her spirits.

But I could tell there were real/reel problems going on (pun intended).

Sophia just ran around our "camp".

And Sophia's favorite feature of her new chair....a drink holder.

So while Russell continued to work on her rod, she used one of his.

Russell finally gave up and gave Sophia the bad news. Her rod wasn't working and she couldn't use it.


Not happy!!!!

And scene: Upset 2.5 year old dramatically sits in her new princess chair while sticking out her lower lip. The irony not lost on her mama/paparazzi.

She eventually got over it and went to see if her daddy needed a snack.

Then she found  the rocks!

 And had a ton of fun throwing rocks.

And for the quote of the day. We tell Sophia that daddy caught a fish. Come and see it. She says, "I'm not hungry". HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
But she wasn't scared of it and did not want daddy to throw it back. But because it took her so long to get down to the fish, we needed to throw him back in so he wouldn't die.

We knew it was time to go home when she said, "mama, I'm tired". And I'm happy to report no sunburn for any of us.


Anonymous said...

And it! Sophia is emotional and expressive and it's so endearing. What up with the princess rod and reel?! Bummer, but it looks like it was still a great day.

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Looks like so very much fun! Looking cute while fishing is very important!! Sophia's got that mastered--boots, dress, hat, reel, chair--cuteness!

Allison said...

Such fun! Hilarious that her first thought was about eating (or not eating) the fish. Too bad her rod didn't quite do the trick. Pretty sure it has something to do with it being a princess one - I think it is designed to break so a handsome prince can do all the icky work of catching the fish while the princess sits back and looks lovely. :)

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

How fun!! What a great story with great pictures! Adelyn got the same fishing pole before she was born- now I am motived to get it out of storgae and let her fish!!

Joanne said...

Love it! Love her outfit! Love her pouty face! Love her "I'm not hungry" response. Love it all!