Monday, March 14, 2011

A Last Minute Park Playdate

On Saturday, Sophia really wanted to go to the park and it was such a beautiful day, so we headed out to the park. I quickly texted my friend Tricia to invite her to go with us. But I figured it was so last minute that they wouldn't be able to come. But I was happily surprised to pull into the parking lot and the Harden's there.

Sophia was really into the swings. Her mood was a little off that morning. I think it was a combo of me accidentally hitting her head with the trunk door and Dude (he's a very sweet but very large dog).
They had brought a ball to play soccer with.

And they brought their wagon which is always a big hit.
At one point, they had gotten out of the wagon to explore. I think Atticus needed a moment to himself.
Here are Sophia and Russell digging for bugs.
And Apollo and Atticus climbed trees.
Sophia, defying gravity.
After the park, we ate lunch and stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things. We picked up Sophia's first fishing rod. It's a Princess one, of course.
She can't wait to use it and has been practicing for next weekend where we plan (weather permitting) on going fishing.


Anonymous said...

That was one weird playdate, huh?! I think Atticus and Sophia both found their groove eventually and ended up having fun. Poor Sophia, though...the head bump AND Dude (who really should have been left at home. Sorry!) How cool that Sophia got a fishing rod! I can't wait to hear all about her first fishing experience!

Allison said...

Time spent outside in the sunshine and fresh air... perfect! Can't wait to hear about the fishing trip. Wonder if she will be as terrified of the fish (once caught) as Emily was. No matter what it will be a good time though!! Yay!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Fishing!!! So much fun! I have yet to take my kids fishing...that should be so much fun!