Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Update

As for Russell, he's doing fine. The blood pressure meds are working. He started out at 180/100 and now is down to 140/82. He was kinda mad cause I've been checking mine on our new contraption and every time it's super low, 110/72. But it's a good thing cause it's making us more aware of how we treat our bodies and what we put into them. He goes back to the cardiologist on April 2nd.

As for Sophia, she's got pink eye. You can call it conjunctivitis to make it sound better. But in the end, it's still pink eye. It was weird because, we noticed some flakies in her lashes on Thurs. but didn't really think much of it because she's been experiencing allergy problems. But on Fri I got a call from Ms. Melanie saying that her eye looked more red and more flakies. I made a dr. appt for 2:20, left my class with the PE teachers and ran to get her in before the weekend. When I arrived, I thought for sure it was just allergies because it just didn't seem mucousy enough. Of course, I've never seen the beginning stages of pink eye. Just the full blown cases that show up at my school. So when we got to the dr., I felt sure Dr. R would tell me that it was just allergies. WRONG!! But now she's on drops, which are a pain by the way. So we basically did our grocery shopping (Sophia and I). But we've tried to keep her quarantined. She missed a birthday party tonight. :(  We're washing our hands like crazy and washing her bedding, towels, wash cloths, and trying to sanitize all her toys. FUN!!!


Meg said...

Sorry to hear about Sophia! Emily has it too! That's pretty wild, talk about contagious!!! Glad Russel is getting BP under control.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Russell...he makes me laugh. I mean, his blood pressure/heart are no joking matter. But just look at that photo! I'll be anxious to hear how his appointment goes on the 2nd.
And poor Sophia with the pink eye! No fun at all.

Allison said...

Ha. Didn't know conjunctivitis made it sound "better." Should have read this post before I posted on FB. ;)
Hope everyone is back on track soon!!