Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where'd Ya Get Those Eyes?

It's been a topic of conversation lately every time I get together with friends or family, "Who does Sophia look like?". And so I began digging through photos and it's actually inspired me to create a scrapbook called "Where'd Ya Get Those Eyes?". In this scrapbook, I'm going to get help from our parents to get family photos.
I love this photo of Sophia throwing a fit.

And here's Russell throwing a fit. I definitely see a resemblance. This is Russell getting his first haircut.

Here's Sophia at around 4 months.

Here's me, I'm not sure how old (6-9 months?). I can definitely see me in the pic above.

Here's me around 2. Nose and cheeks....from me I think.

But Sophia's big beautiful brown eyes definitely came from her daddy.

Here's me around 4 maybe?
I just think it's fun to look through old family photos and see where you get your features. So in this scrapbook, I'll also include pics (if I can find them), of who I got my cheeks and nose from, who Russell got his eyes from. That kind of thing. Can't wait to start digging! And I also can't wait to see who Sophia will look like we she grows up! Wait a minute! Yes I can wait! I just want to freeze her at this age forever! I love this age! She basically eats what we do, sleeps through the night, is potty trained, can tell me how she feels and what hurts or what she needs, and she's so funny!


Allison said...

That will be such a fun project and a GREAT book! Good luck! She is a good combo it seems...

Anonymous said...

What a great project! The photos of Sophia and Russell throwing fits definitely resemble each other, as do your baby picture and Sophia's. How fun!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Great pics! Great project! Adorable family!