Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leapin' Lizards!!!

Today we went on a field trip to Leapin' Lizards (a bounce house place where kids can play in N. Richland Hills). The last time we went was the same day that Sophia complained of a tummy ache and ended up throwing up in the car on the way home.
But today she was feeling great and her favorite part was this slide.

And chasing her friends.

Here's her buddy that she's known since she was 9 months old. They were together at Ms. Brenda's (her childcare provider before Ms. Melanie).


Here's another buddy that she's known since she was 9 months old, also from Ms. Brenda's. It's kind of neat that the some of the same kids grow up together from infancy to kindergarten.

And Ms. Melanie got in on the action too. I don't know how she has the energy to chase these kiddos around all day.

Here they all are saying good-bye to Ziggy.

Bye Ziggy! See ya next summer!

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Anonymous said...

How FUN that you get to do these field trips with Sophia! And her haircut is darling!