Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation....Day What??? 1 or day 2 depending on how ya view it. But we're waiting on Aunt Brandy to get in town. So we started the day with some play outside.

Sophia loves to swing!!!

And she was pleasantly surprised that the cats didn't run away. Thanks Tink and Belle!

This is their cool deck, just so you can get an idea of what a cool backyard we're in.

And once again we tried to get her to sleep with her cousins.....

It did seem hopeful. In fact, Sophia did fall asleep. But so did her arm that woke her up at 12 a.m. And brought her back to our bed.


Anonymous said...

YARD??? I thought park! Sweet last picture at the slumber party!

kristy said...

What a great yard! Cousins are so special... Sophia is so lucky to have two girl cousins- they will be like her sisters some day (well, you know what I mean-special!)