Monday, July 4, 2011

On the Road to Nascar....the Nascar Experience

 We decided to have a bit of lunch before we headed over to the Nascar Hall of Fame (for Russell...he loves Nascar for some reason). We went to Cabos Tacos, which had been featured on one of Guy Fieri's shows. And boy was it yummy!!! I had the fish tacos (blackened Mahi-Mahi). 

Sophia had a great time rough housing with her Uncle Cam and cousins.

Every time I see one of these here, I think of Phoebe from Friends.

Then it was off to the Nascar Hall of Fame.

This is one of the places Russell has been dreaming about going every time we visit Charlotte.

It has a mock track with real Nascars that were actually driven in races.

But first, we had to check in at the card kiosk to register our cards.

Russell had a little trouble and was getting aggravated.

And Sophia wanted me to come rescue her.

Here you can see the incline of a regulation Nascar track.

33 degrees...that's the degree of incline.

We did the pit row crew experience where they had to gas up the car and change the tire.

Not too bad. 19 seconds. 15 seconds is average for Nascar.

Then it was time for the simulator experience. Russell and Sophia rode together.

Here's an actual car seat from a Nascar. Imagine spending 3 to 3 1/2 hours in one of these.

Sophia got to wave the flag.

And I think overall, everyone had a good time even though Russell was the only one who really wanted to go. I expected it to only take an hour, but we closed the place down. We were there from 2:45-6:00 and still didn't see everything.


Allison said...

Oh my goodness! That is a lot of Nascar! That's like watching a race! Man those things are long! Looks pretty cool though, glad Russell found his happy place. Boys.

Anonymous said...

That's nice that Daddy got to fulfill a dream and Sophia will probably talk about some of the highlights for a long time. No I can't imagine sitting in one of those seats that long! My attention span might last two laps--booooring!!! Thanks for the lesson though...33 degrees, I'd be afraid of sliding off the road!