Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sophia's First Build-A-Bear

So after the hot park play, we headed to cold, air-conditioned mall for Sophia to build her first bear at Build-A Bear.

So many choices.....so many animals, colors, clothing pieces, and accessories to choose from.

But the first bear she chose at the beginning was the one she stuck with.

Then she got her stuffed.

Sophia got to pump the pedal with her foot to stuff it.

Then she had to hug it to test for firmness. They can add more or take out some to make it cushioney.

Then they pick a heart to put inside their animal and do a special ceremony to get the heart "beating".
They have this special poem/song they sing while they do the ceremony.

Then they make a wish on the heart.

They put the heart in and sew it up.

Then they get to use the air blowers and brushes to fluff it up.

They pick undies.

Sophia surprisingly picked this white communion dress. They had Princess dresses, Tinkerbell dresses and every cute Justice outfit imaginable. She named her's Bear Bear and we made a birth certificate. It was just as fun for me as it was for her. These Build-A-Bear and American Doll people are entrepreneurial geniuses!!


Allison said...

Fun! We had planned to do this with Emily when Everett arrived but never did. It looks like we shouldn't let Christmas pass without doing it though since Sophia seemed to love it! So many cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I think the heart part is so precious....

Janelle's Little Blog said...

I love Build-a-Bear! So many good memories with them. :) Love.

Anonymous said...

Bear Bear is very pretty and it looks like true love on Sophia's face!

kristy said...

Bear Bear! How cute! We also have been thinking about going... now it will have to move up the list. What fun!