Monday, July 25, 2011

What a Busy Week!

We went to a pool party (at Hurst Aquatic Park) on Wednesday where Sophia ate, I mean wore, a cupcake. Happy birthday Jane. While there, Sophia made a new friend Jill. I wish I had gotten more pics of the party but I wasn't in camera mode that day. But we had a great time.

On Saturday, we had a Splash Pad play date with her best buddy Atticus, where for a second there, we thought we'd found a long lost Fey baby. Check out the little redhead in the middle. Atticus and Sophia played chase with her.

And then on Sunday, we went and got Sophia a haircut.

Apparently Sophia is more daring than I am with hair. When we left, she said "But I wanted it like Rapunzel at the END of Tangled (she has really short hair at the end)". So I explained that we'd try to go shorter next time.

We still have to make her 3 year old stepping stone. We just keep putting it off. Hoping her feet don't grow too much before we can get to it.

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kristy said...

Fun! That could be one of my kiddos with all the red hair-lol. That is so cute she wanted her hair short like the end of the movie... I love this kid!