Sunday, November 6, 2011

Farewell to Nemo II

So on Halloween, we got a goldfish from the Festival we went to at my parent's church. We brought it home and put him in a Pyrex bowl, expecting him to die overnight (as the previous goldfish from last Halloween did). To our surprise and amazement, when we awoke, he was still alive. Finally! We got a keeper.

We decided that if he was still alive when we got home that we'd get some fish food for him. And he was!!!!! Russell even bought a real fish bowl!

Sophia got to feed him and kept checking on him. He was fine. Doing great!

Until we switched him to the new bowl. We'd prepared it like the instructions said. But apparently we did something wrong. He was swimming but very slowly, and at times, floated towards the top.

He did not make it through the night. Sophia was a little sad.

Time to send him to that ocean in the sky!

Sophia seemed very distraught, until she got to flush the toilet. That made her very happy.

So we promised her this weekend, we'd get another fish. We got 2 so we have an heir and a spare, so to speak. If one dies, maybe the other one will survive??

Introducing Ariel and Eric (from The Little Mermaid). It's funny because she'd already picked out the names before we picked the fish and one fish is solid orange (Ariel) and the other has a black splotch on his head (like Prince Eric has).

The fish seem to be doing well. They cost a little more than the original fish cost but maybe they'll last longer (13 cents compared to 25 cents).  And Pets Smart has a 14 day guarantee that if it dies in the first 14 days, they'll replace it.

So far, they have made it overnight!


Allison said...

And with Ariel and Eric in the bowl together you may just have more fishies soon! ;) Here's to hoping they stick around a while!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Ah, poor Nemo! (ocean in the sky-baha!) Long live Eric and Ariel!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Poor Nemo! Good luck with Eric and Ariel!! :)