Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Came Early

Thanksgiving came early for my side of the family. We celebrated it on Sunday since my parent's are fulfilling a life long dream of going to NYC during the Thanksgiving Holiday to see the beginning of all the Christmas festivities like the Macy's Day Parade. So on Thursday, us girls are all going to be with our hsubands' side of the family.

And wouldn't you know it, I forgot my camera, Big Bertha. So I went back home to get it. And what do you know, the battery was dead. That never happens to me. So I had to rely on my point and shoot Olympus (and that battery died before the day was over). The camera gods were working against me that day. So here are the few pics I got.

Sophia thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate cake.

And watching movies with her cousins.

And dancing with Aunt Robin.

And riding her "bike". She actually was able to reach the peddles and peddle with the aide of a pillow. Almost there! She got it last Christmas by mistake (a mix up on Amazon's part).

The rest of us sat around and watched the Cowboy game.

My battery died shortly after this pic. But hey, did you really want to see more pics of adults lounging and napping?

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