Monday, November 28, 2011

A Park Play Date Reunion

This past Sunday we had a little reunion with one of our old park play date members, Allison and Emily Morris (and now Everett). I thought I'd post these pics for comparison. It's from the first park play date, when the Morris/Fey/Harden/Sparks and Kaminski families all got together on March 28th, 2010.

Now! Fast forward....
To present's Atticus!

Emily and Sophia....we were just missing the Fey and Sparks kids. But they lucked out because it was flippin' cold! It was the wind. It was ferocious!

Here's Everett.....our first time meeting him.

Look at those girls climbing. 

Sophia's was having some trouble with her footing, but I thought she could handle it.

Not looking good! Shortly after this she fell, flat on her face.
Between that and the cold, our play date was cut short. But not before Emily officially introduced us to her baby brother Everett.

Okay, Sparks and Feys.....we need a reunion park play date!


kristy said...

how fun- so sad to have missed it! miss you all very very much!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...those flashbacks pictures! We've come a long way. It was fun getting together, despite the windy cold!

Allison said...

It was pretty darn cold and Sophia did take quite a spill. I am so glad she managed to not smash her face, ouch! Wish we could join playdates more often. :) So fun to look back at old pictures too!!