Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Weekend Trip That Almost Wasn't....

I was sooooo excited about Friday. We were to leave at 10 am to head for Caddo for our annual teacher weekend down there.

Long story short, Sophia had been complaining of a sore throat and I was worried about leaving her for the weekend alone with Russell if she was sick. And if she was sick....it's definitely a two person job.

So we made an appointment at the dr. on Friday morning. Sure enough, she had strep. And thankfully I have the most amazingly, supportive, awesome husband in thew world. Not only did he tell me I should go and leave him with a sick kid, but he told me that he'd come home a little early so I could still leave with my posse, even though this delayed our start considerably.

But I'm so glad I went! I had an amazing time with some amazing women. And it was beautiful and relaxing!

We went on a nature walk Saturday. The leaves were gorgeous!

We saw this cool tree that we could take a picture at.

Donna was a little unsure if there were bugs. Understandable.

But it was kind of sad since the lake was so low.

This poor bird (heron?) could barely get through the muck. Sad!

And of course what would camping be without S'Mores?

And what happens in Cabin 5 (and around cabin 5), stays in Cabin 5.

Love our Caddo weekend time! Can't wait till next year!


Allison said...

Yay! Looks like fun! Glad everyone had a good time and that Tri sported the perfect shirt for the weekend! Hope Sophia was better quick!

Anonymous said...

Perfect title for this post! You got some great shots...the lone red leaf is my favorite. How many days before our next Caddo trip???

Dina said...

I have seen that look on my mom's face one million times. Glad you had fun! I hope Sophia is all better.

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Great pics!! The water sure does look low! I have a very similar pic of a red leaf on the pavement from Caddo the first year I went!! :) Great minds! I hope Sophia is feeling better! Sorry I missed this trip...there's always next year!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Not sure I can comment with a a little whine... boo hoo! Looks so fun and your pictures are amazing! Ah, good times!