Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree Trimming!

On Sunday night, Sophia and I decorated the tree. She was super excited!

She did need her step stool (her idea) to reach the taller parts of the tree.
We started out with her wanting to unwrap all the ornaments and hand them to me to put them on the tree. However, she got a little frusrated with that so she suggested I unwrap them and hand them to her to put on the tree. But she got frusrtaed with that so she suggested I unwrap them, HAND THEM TO HER, and then she'd hand it back to me to hang on the tree. So much for my little helper. But at least she was entertaining and cute!

I had suggested we watch a Christmas movie , like Polar Express, while we decorated. She however, subjected me to Barney Christmas. Blah! Nothing like a little Barney to put you in the Christmas spirit. Not!!!

Good thing she's cute and makes me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Fun! And her ornament system made me laugh.

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

More like adorable! What a great age!

Allison said...

Funny. I am ready for decorating a tree and watching Christmas movies!!