Sunday, September 5, 2010

Atticus! Where are you?

We set up a play date for Sophia with her best bud Atticus this past Saturday morning. We had a "cold" front come through and cool things off enough to where it wasn't a sauna outside. Thank you mother nature!

We got there a little early. You never know how long traffic will take. And of course the whole time Sophia was saying, "Where's Atticus? Atticus! Where are you?". As if he was hiding somewhere. I guess I should preface this with the detail that we drive by this park on the way home each day from her PK and every time we pass this playground, she says Atticus and gets very upset when I say "no", not today. So when Tricia threw out the idea of meeting up on Saturday at this new location, I knew Sophia would be thrilled.

And she was.

Attticus! Where are you?

Is he over there?

No! There he is!

All that build up and then she didn't even hug him hello.

But they had a great time! And the weather was GREAT!!!!!!
Sophia has been doing a lot more independent climbing. She is a very cautious girl.

The rest of the pics really speak for themselves.

There was this birthday happening at the pavilion while we were playing and after the cake etc., some of the kids came over to play. There was this one girl who just took a liking to Sophia. She was even willing to share her party favor blow thing (not sure what you call those) with Sophia. Of course, I interjected on Sophia's behalf and politely told her "That's okay". No need to swap spit with a total stranger.

But that little girl just picked Sophia up like a little doll and carried her around. Sophia loved it! She loves older kids.
Sophia shared some of her cookies with Atticus. I've got to stop making these cookies. Every Friday, for the past 3 weeks I've made cookies if she's had a good week. And she has had GREAT days at school. But I'm thinking the cookies thing might need to go back to being a spontaneous treat.

Oh and Tri, found a new diaper bag! Love it! Target of course!


Allison said...

Don't you mean Tri found a new "purse?" ;)

Love the pictures of her running excitedly over to greet her bud! Looks like a beautiful day to be out at the park!

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun! Their "reunion"...running to each other, calling out the other one's absolutely cracked me up. And Atticus loves your cookies! He's always so grateful that Sophia shares (then makes sure he's all set with his drink.) It's been fun watching her become more independent. And yahoo for a new diaper bag (purse if you're my husband.) Can't wait to see it!