Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend was pretty crazy on Saturday. I'd already decided on Friday that Saturday would be our day to go shopping for Sophia's pig costume. So even though it was raining cats and dogs, we were bound and determined to find it, so off we went. Did I mention that I'm quite stubborn?
However, we went everywhere and found nothing. Not even a back up cute costume. We did however find this cute cup for Sophia that has her name on it. She was so excited to use it that when we got home from shopping, she immediately jumped out into the rain to fill it up.

All the wet weather did help inspire Russell to hang up some things that have been laying around the house like these art hanging boards that I made at Anthologies.
This one is magnetic.
On Sunday, I decided that I'd see if Joann's had a pattern to make a pig costume. While they didn't have a pattern for a pig, they did have this pattern that makes a cow and I'll just substitute pink for the cow print. We found a pig nose and ears at a Halloween supply store.
And Sunday was also the first day we could comfortably have our windows open all day long. Yea for Fall weather!!!


Allison said...

Those boards are ADORABLE!! You have two more classes coming up with them? Fun!
Good luck with the costume... she will be a cute little pig. And the weather... congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Those boards ARE adorable!!! How much to make the magnetic one for me? You know I am so serious...I want one! Or maybe you can mentor me, and I'll try to make one myself.
Love Sophia's excitement over her cup, and I know her costume will be perfect.

TLEB said...

Oh my goodness - love the boards!! Are you doing it again?! I want to go! I had heard there was a new scrapbook store, but I haven't seen it yet. you'll have to send me the details!! Brave you for making sophia's costume. You'll have to give me a pattern reading lesson :)