Sunday, September 5, 2010

Makes Me A Little Sad....

The other day I picked Sophia up from PK and didn't even recognize her.
All the kids were clustered in a group, awaiting parents to pick up. Ms. Melanie called Sophia and this little girl stood up with this ponytail. "Is that my little girl?" I thought. "No, she has that ponytail and my girl definitely did not come with a ponytail. Plus, she won't sit still long enough to fix her hair. So surely, this can't be my little girl."
But sure enough it was. Apparently, they played outside in the morning in the backyard and Sophia got hot so Ms. Melanie pulled her hair up in a ponytail.
Made me a little sad because she really didn't look like the little toddler I know and love. She looked like this kindergartner. Never mind the fact, that she's already bigger than many of my kindergarten students. But the new "do" really through me for a loop.
She's growing up too fast. :(
Guess that's why people have more in most cases. However in ours, I think, do I really want to train another one? This one has been a say the least.

So child # 2 is definitely up for debate. A hotly debated one. Some days, I think yes, so that Sophia will not be an only child. But then other times I think, I can barely handle this one. So the jury is still out on this one.


Janelle's Little Blog said...

Erin, that same thing happened to me just the other day when a friend dropped Lauren off at school for me...She rounded the corner, I said "hi" to my friend and thought to myself...who's that...OH that's my daughter!! It truly does go by so very fast.

Allison said...

That second picture is so funny! The time does fly too fast and there is a lot of training involved but you're doing a great job!

TLEB said...

She does look so old with that pony tail!!! The time does move so quickly!!