Friday, September 17, 2010

Sophia's First Day of Gymnastics: The Next Nadia

Sophia had her first gymnastics class at Sunbelt Gymnastics in Grapevine on Thursday. I was really worried about her. Not only did she have to travel in the car without mama but she'd be meeting new teachers without mama.
Traveling in the car with Sophia can either be torture or sometimes pleasant. Hardly ever wonderful. She hates being confined. She even has figured out how to maneuver out of her straps if she gets really frustrated. Plus, around new people she can be really shy and scared. So I had no clue how things would go.
But I'm happy to report that Sophia had a great time. She did great in the car ride over there. She didn't cry or be shy around her teachers. Ms. Melanie actually asked if she'd already taken a tumbling class before because she knew just what to do at each station. She even said that the teachers were impressed with all of Ms. Melanie's new ones.
So here are a few pics of the stations they went through.

So I'm hoping the rest of her classes go just as smoothly. It's funny. So far, she loves anything athletic and outdoorsy (both Russell and I love both), she loves making things (so do I), she's a picky eater (so was I), she's fiercely independent and doesn't like to be told what to do (that's me), and she LOVES chocolates and all things sweet (Russell and I, the chocolate is more me).
Well, if she's anything like me, I'm in trouble during her teenage years. Guess it's payback time mom and dad. Feel free to laugh.


Lori said...

the Erin I remember as a teenager was really sweet. Were you hiding your high maintenance side??

Allison said...

Yay Sophia! What super fun classes you get to have!!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

This looks like so much fun!! Hey Erin, if you let me lean on your shoulder during Lauren's teen years, I'll be here for you during Sophia's!! :)

Meg said...

Sophia is doing so great in all this new stuff, you should be so proud of her adaptability! I think you're right, the teen years will be just have to survive them!

TLEB said...

What a fun tumbling class! She is experiencing a lot of new things this year!