Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is it Fall Yet?

Is it Fall yet?
Well, technically I guess it begins on Monday right? But we've been ready for a while. Well, we've been ready for those cooler temperatures for a while. But this week, we kicked into Fall decor mode.
Of course it began with Sophia decorating with the window clings.
She's already managed to tear up the pumpkin one.
We hung up orange lights. Of course Sophia wanted to help. And she's excited each night to turn them on.

Today, I went to Michael's to pick up a few decorative items and let Sophia pick out a craft to make. She chose this jack-o-lantern house (you can't see the jack-o-lantern part in these pics). And boy did she have fun!

I let her pick out the colors she wanted at Michael's, as we've gone through almost all of our paints at home. But good thing they were on sale this week. She chose orange, purple and green.

And blue. She demanded that she have some blue to complete her masterpiece. Good thing we still had some at home.
Of course she had to sample the paint.

Here's the completed version. It came with that little ghost stuffed figure that is removable.
We also went to Target today and I couldn't resist buying her this Halloween Mr. Potato head.
It's eyes glow in the dark and comes with a white cloth so he can dress up as a ghost.
I had picked this ghost ship up at Target last year after Halloween, on sale.
Sophia was super excited about the new addition, the Haunted House.

Last week, when we were at Target (yes, I should buy stock in it), I let her pick out her costume, which was a monkey. But once we got home and she tried it on, she didn't want to be a monkey any more. She said she wanted to be a pig.
So today, when we returned her monkey costume, we went back to look to see if they had a pig costume. They did not, but Sophia noticed this giraffe costume and changed her mind. However, once we got home and tried it on, she once again decided she wanted to be a pig. So now, I'm on the look out for a cute pig costume. Oink! Oink!

Sophia helped me decorate our little Halloween tree.

The funny thing is, I haven't been into Halloween since I was 12. I remember when we were kids, my mom would pull out the Halloween decor and let us help decorate. It was mostly cardboard pictures of pumpkins, skeletons with those movable limbs, nothing expensive. But I remember how fun it was to hang them up. So I decided that Sophia might enjoy that too. So far, she's loving Halloween!


Allison said...

Fun! You have way more Halloween decor than we do over here. I BET Sophia is having a blast with all of it. Her house is really cute and that giraffe is really cute too! We tried one for Emily and too small. Good luck with the pig! At least you could make a pig costume easy enough.

Anonymous said...

She is so happy in every single photo! I love her jack-o-lantern house...soooo cool!

TLEB said...

Sophia's expressions are adorable! It's fun to see her get so excited about everything! I love all your decorations, they're so cute!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Fun! Great Halloween colors--purple, green, and orange ((and blue of course!))! I hope you find the pig costume--but the giraffe is adorable!!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Fun! Sophia just loves it! I sure wish we had a house to decorate :(