Monday, September 6, 2010

Pre-Labor Day Festivities

We celebrated Labor Day on Sunday with my family, of course at Nana and Paw-Paw's house. We did the whole lunch and dessert thing before getting ready for the pool. We all knew this could possibly be our last dip in the pool before next Spring (you never know how Texas weather can be). Currently the water was reading at 82 degrees so it was rather chilly due to our recent "cold" front.
And Sophia was ready!!!!

After we realized how chilly the water was (keep in mind we were used to feeling like we were in bath water...pretty warm), my dad decided to heat up the hot tub.

Sophia has been practicing her drinking skills out of real cups recently. We still use primarily sippy cups, especially with milk. But at PK, she's the only one who is still using a sippy cup. She is the youngest after all. And she keeps trying to take the lids off of her sippy cups at school. So Ms. Melanie suggested we start trying to let her drink out of a real cup, like she's started doing with her at school. With water only. No milk.

Finally the hot tub is warm enough!
Unfortunately for Sophia, she hates super warm bath water. So she wanted out pretty quickly.

Next, she tried out her drinking skills on a water bottle. She did pretty well.

Of course, her main focus the whole afternoon was on ice cream. That's the first thing she said once we got outside to go swimming.

After swimming (by the way, this is the first afternoon ever that she did not take ANY nap. And boy did we feel it later), she played on the sit in spin. I remember spinning on these for what seemed like hours during my child hood. Except mine didn't play music.

There were a few accidents along the way.
She had to watch the pro to see how it's really done.
But she eventually got it!
On our actual Labor Day, we stayed home and played it pretty low-key. We went for walks by the lake, painted a little, and went to Walmart (oh joy!). I cooked a crock pot BBQ brisket for dinner. My kind of holiday....relaxing!


Anonymous said...

I love her I'm-so-excited outstretched arms! I think that's her signature move. Sit n Spins are quite tricked out these days with the music and the lights, right? Her legs look so long in the photos with her sitting on it.

TLEB said...

What a fun holiday! It's so nice to have a relaxing day with family.

Allison said...

I want a drumstick! A Sit n Spin! Fun! Good job on the cup use, Sophia, and cute picture of you and Russell in the hot tub!