Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Evening

We started off Christmas Eve with meeting Myra, cousin Jack's new puppy. Such a sweet puppy.

This was the best family pic we got (Uncle Tim, we need to talk about blocking the flash). :)

Then Nana told the Christmas Story.

Then it was time for gifts. 
Can I just take this time to discuss Sophia's outift? She did not want to wear this dress. In fact, earlier that day she was wearing a dress she'd worn for Thanksgiving (brown, orange, etc.). But then she got toothpaste on it. So she was forced to change. Oh, I forgot to mention she was wearing a Thanksgiving Day dress with purple leggings (her pick). So whe  it was time to chnage, she refused to change her purple leggings because they were still clean. So that is why she's wearing a plaid jumper (red, black and cream) with purple leggings. It was not my choice. Trust me.....

Sophia helped pick out the gifts she gave to her Nana and Paw-Paw.

Then it was Keeno time! In fact, I think my former Bunko group should switch to Keeno. It's like Bingo, kinda. And you're all at the same table so you all hear the same conversations.

It was fun!

Then the kiddos played their own games!

It has become, for some unknown reason, tradition to get in my parent's hot tub on Christmas Eve. We've (Russell and I) always just watched. Until this year....Sophia wanted in!

Until she felt the water.......then she immediately decided it wasn't for her.

For those of you that don't know, Sophia is super sensitive to temperatures, especially when it comes to water temps. She hates it hot. In fact, I think that's why she hated baths all of her babyhood. If you turn on tap water to a cool temp to wash your hands, that's what she likes to bathe in.

But she got used to it.

And in fact....enjoyed it!

Myra even had to come and see what she's missing out on.

And cousin Will jumped into the cold, big pool.Ouch!

Once we got home, we threw out our reindeer food, so the reindeer would know where to land.

Hope Sophia made the Nice List. It has been touch and go.....


Anonymous said...

You got some great shots of Sophia with your family! Like the family photo of you three...the one with your head sideways made me laugh.

Allison said...

I am freezing just thinking about sitting in a tub of cool water! Sounds like a fun evening together!!

Dina said...

You are such a good mom to let Sophia wear purple leggings with that dress. I bet she was happy. I wonder if I can do that in the future? I would probably pin a note on Katie saying, " she dressed herself". I might have control issues?