Saturday, December 17, 2011

Russell's Work Christmas Brunch

We had Russell's Christmas Brunch on Saturday morning at the Las Colinas Country Club. And was reminded how much my little girl is not so little anymore (and how much she has changed). So I thought I'd give you a trip down memory lane.

It was December 2008. Sophia was only 6 months old. 

She was pretty friendly. She'd smile. She'd just chill. No tears. 

Even with tears. 

Fast Forward.....
It's December 2009. She's 1 1/2 years old. 
She's moody. She's afraid of silly clowns who might give her free balloons so she depends on other kids like her friend Emily to get them for her.

There are no pics with Santa on my computer, as we currently are without a scanner and the only pics we had of her "with" Santa were done by the pros who were hired by Russell's company. But I'll give you a brief description. 

Close your eyes. Imagine Sophia's maddest, unhappiest look ever. I mean distraught. Now hear her screaming at the top of her lungs. Now imagine her refusing to sit in Santa's lap so she sat in mine and I kneeled beside Santa. Okay, so no photos needed right? You got the picture?

Then after all that drama, she's all smiles as we're leaving.

December 2010. She's 2 1/2 years old. 
She's smiley. She's happy. She's eating only bacon and grapes at the brunch. Seriously, the girl could eat MY weight in bacon. 

Still afraid of the clown with the balloons.

Still dependent on other kids to fill her balloon needs. Her friend Jack was kind enough to pick one up for her.

Santa....still not thrilled. But she made it to his lap.

On the verge of tears. Still needs me by her side.

Fast December 2011.
 She's 3 1/2 years old. She can still eat MY weight in bacon but has added eggs and a waffle to it.

She is even more dramatic and super expressive. 

She was still not a fan of the clown.

But she got close.

Then she needed a break so we went out on the balcony.

She REALLY wanted a balloon. So we went back over to the clown.

Where she was brave enough to ask for one and wait for him to make it.

She requested a flower.

She is a very determined little girl and once she gets something on her mind, she makes it happen. Reminds me of myself, who I probably inherited from my dad (her Paw-Paw).

Next up.....Santa! 
Sorry for shouting but it made me so proud that she was brave enough to go up there by herself and not need me right by her side. 
She really stared him down.

And almost smiled......oh a mother can dream!

She never did tell Santa what she wanted (Russell did) but she did say thank you for the stocking. Gotta love a kid with good manners!

She was super excited about her stocking.

But by far, my favorite change in my sweet little girl is.......

her milk moustache. You can't get those with bottles or sippy cups! 

Pretty much, around the house we use small cups a lot with her. If we're on the go or in the car, we still use sippy cups. Or if we're at someones house, we'll still use them. But we're trying to transition her off of them. 

Oh, and I love her ability to tell me exactly what she's thinking and feeling. 
Okay, okay, I'm a little tired of hearing " You make my feelings hurt", but yea!!!! for expressing how you feel. 

Today all we heard was "she's REALLY tall for 3 1/2" and "those eyes". Those eyes do make it really hard to say no. 
I just love this girl to pieces!  I really can't imagine my life without her and I'm so honored and grateful that I get to be her mom!
How did I get so lucky?????


Allison said...

Great post. Fun to see all the years in the same place with the same clown...makes comparison pics so much better! Crazy how much thiry change... Go Sophia!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

What a great post! On top seeing her grow and change or stay the same- I love seeing all her pretty dresses! You really are one blessed mama!

Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed. Sophia has come a long way and with those eyes should go a lot farther. She is so pretty and so full of life can't imagine our life without her and how she adds so much to our family. She was a present from heaven Lov ya'll Paw Paw