Monday, December 26, 2011

Sophia Made the Nice List!!!

I guess it's safe to Sophia made the Nice List. Not sure exactly how....her behavior lately has been...let's just say moody. But maybe Santa takes into account that she's 3 1/2? 

I think she was a little shocked when she discovered Santa left a Disney Princess Castle, as this was not on her "order". Anytime we opened something up or found something Santa left for her, she'd say "This wasn't on my order". Santa left her a toothbrush which wasn't on her "order". But I explained that Santa believes in good oral hygiene. 

Santa enjoyed the cookies and milk.

Sophia loved all the jewelry Santa left her.

I think her favorite thing he left for her was the bubblegum. 

She was also super excited about the play dough he left. 

Santa went a little overboard with her stocking. 

Sophia warmed up to her castle. 

As soon as she opened her scooter (from us), she said with her pouty face and voice "But mom, Santa was supposed to get my scooter!" which explains her reaction to the castle. It was not the scooter she "ordered". 

She was excited about her new movies from her Grandma and Grandpa K.

And when Russell opened up the Xbox/Kinect bundle I'd bought for them, Sophia said, "Oh thank you mommy! You're the best mommy ever!". And she did a little dance (she has this at school for those rainy days, it's kind of like WII).

She also loves her Critter Care Center from her Aunt Brandy, Uncle Cam, and cousins, Anna and Maddie. 

Well, that's a wrap! Pun intended. Y'all didn't see me open up my new Cricut. It's the big one! Can't wait to use it!
Now to get ready to go over Nana and Paw-Paw's for breakfast and to open more gifts.

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Joanne said...

Wow! That princess castle is awesome!!! And I am so jealous of the xbox kinect!! Looks like fun. Congrats on your cricut. I know you'll get some good use out of it!