Friday, December 23, 2011

Sophia's School Christmas Party

Sophia has been waiting with great anticipation for Thursday to finally roll around. It was the day of her school Christmas party which meant lots of food, a visit from Santa and last but least, presents. It started at 5 so all the parents could come.

Here the kids are, killing time before Santa gets there.

They did a little dancing.

And if there is one thing Sophia loves, it's dancing. 

Finally, Santa arrived. And I'll just say that he was by far the worst Santa I've ever seen. Someone needs to alert Kris Kringle and tell him he has a bad Santa helping him out. He just had no personality. There was not a single HO-HO-HO. He barely spoke. I think he may have been drunk and his belt fell off as he was leaving.

But the kids didn't seem to notice.

Guess who wanted to be the first one to sit in his lap? Sophia K.!!!!
Yep, we've entered the world where we have another Sophia at her school. So Sophia is now Sophia K. We knew this would happen but not quite this soon. Oh well.....

And what Sophia really wants for Christmas is a baby brother or sister. In fact, the other day, she said she wants a "real" family with a baby brother and sister and a dog and cat. Sigh... 
 Then it was time for the kids to perform.

I had no idea Sophia was such a little performer. I mean she performs for us all the time but to get up and sing and dance in front of a room full of people....who knew? But she just sang and danced her little heart out. When it was someones turn to speak to introduce the next song, Sophia would say "_________(insert name), it's your turn". She sure has changed a lot since last year where she refused to get up and sing and wanted to sit in my lap instead.

Taking a bow....

Then, it was time for the book exchange. It was funny because Brody drew Sophia's name and Sophia drew Brody's name. And they've known each other since Sophia was 9 months and started going to Ms. Brenda's. I was hoping she didn't knock him out with her hug. He's one of her best friends at school. In fact, he gets there first and saves Sophia's orange bouncy ball for her so no one else gets it.

This is her gift from Ms. Melanie. It's the Petshop Walkable Jungle. She couldn't wait to get home and play with it. In fact, at one point, she faked a stomach ache so that we could go home and play with it. 
How do I know she was faking? As soon as I said maybe we should go home, she ran over excitedly to her present and excitedly said "Let's go mom". Faker! 

But who can blame her? I mean, it was probably torture for her waiting to play with her new, super-cool toy.

Then Ms. Melanie got to open her gifts. She got some great stuff and deserved every bit of it and more.

Then it was time to eat!

Here is Sophia with her future sister-in-law.  Just kidding. But this little girls younger bro also goes to Ms. Melanie's (he's 3 1/2 too) and he says he's going to marry Sophia. 

And finally, we made it home in time for Sophia to break open her new toy.

She LOVES it! What a long, but fun, day!


Allison said...

What fun! Sophia K sure found a great place to learn and play!

Anonymous said...

Sophia is growing up so much! I just love that girl. And her dress is so pretty. She wants a "real" family...that made me chuckle. In the words of The Velveteen Rabbit, love makes you real, so you Kaminskis are the real deal! If that doesn't work, feel free to borrow Dude for a day. He's so big and can be quite wild, he might just change her mind.