Monday, December 26, 2011

Train Time With Sophia's Best Buddy

On Monday, Sophia's best buddy Atticus came over to see the trains. But first, Atticus and Tricia took a peek at her castle.

Now, time for the train.

Ignore Sophia's hair. We've been having tangle issues and are having a hard time getting all of them out, even with No More Tangles. Plus, she's on a 2 head band kick. 

"I wonder how it looks upside down?"

Then, it was Atticus's turn to run the train.

I swear, Atticus and Sophia are better at running the train than I am.

I think Atticus's favor part was the coal loader.

The cattle car was pretty fun too!

Then Sophia showed him our Grinch train.

Then, she showed him her new purse and all of its contents.

Then it was time for a show and a snack.

Thanks for coming over guys! Russell loves sharing his train and village!

After they went home to eat lunch and we had lunch ourselves, Russell hooked up the Kinect. He and Sophia played several games and Sophia insisted on wearing the new wings Atticus gave her. 

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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you what a big deal this is for Atticus. He started asking about your trains around Thanksgiving! I'm always grateful that you invite us over to experience them and that Russell lets Atticus run them. That Mr. Whistle is so patient!
We had a great time!