Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sophia's First Wedding

It's hard to believe that we went to Sophia's first wedding EVER this past Friday. I guess it's because we're older and most of our friends are already married. But this past Friday. we went to Corby and Laurie's wedding at the YWCA in downtown Ft. Worth. Corby has known Russell and Uncle Brice his entire life (he's like a year or 2 younger than Uncle Brice, he and Uncle Brice are like best buds). They grew up on the same street. And somehow they've kept in contact over the years. It was nice to have our family there to help us entertain Sophia. 
These are pre-wedding photos.

"Dude with the white hair! Could you duck down a little please? Oh, and the other 2 dudes with the white hair on either side, could you both duck down too?"
I didn't want to be rude and stand up, blocking the view of the people behind us.

The Happy Couple

The wedding itself was pretty short, like maybe 40 minutes. Sophia did really good at sitting still. She only got antsy the last couple of minutes.

Sophia could not wait to get on the dance floor. She didn't even care about eating. Luckily, they had an Italian buffet, so Sophia had plenty of pasta and bread that she ate after we sat down to dinner.

She couldn't wait to dance with Uncle Brice.

The Happy Couple....having their first dance as husband and wife.

Sophia was very impatient for them to get their first dance over with so she could return to the dance floor.

I can only describe Sophia's dance style as "very aerobic". In that,  the person she's dancing with is sure to get a full aerobic workout.

Finally, she found an enthusiastic dance partner!

But she had to leave and Sophia was devastated.

Oh, and unfortunately, I mentioned that there might be cake to get her excited about going to the wedding. And she has the mind of an elephant! She kept asking about the cake the whole night. I can't remember what time it was when they cut the cake, but it seemed like an eternity with my 3 year old asking about it every 5 minutes.

Let them eat cake!

Well, specifically Sophia. She got to eat cake, finally. :) Why is it that an hour can seem like 3 hours with a child?

Of course, Sophia did not want to go home. So we left kicking,  screaming and dragging. No pictures of that as I was the one doing the dragging. 
All in all, it was a good night. Everyone kept complimenting Sophia on her good behavior, and they couldn't believe she was only 3.


Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Nothing feels as nice as a dance with daddy! Adam just said "man, we haven't been invited to a wedding in a long time!" lol! Even baby showers seem to be dying down these days.

Allison said...

How fun! Love the description of her dancing. It is clear in the pictures... how long did two pigtails last? Love the wintery outfit too!