Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Gaylord!!! How Did I Forget to Post on This???

This really happened way back on December 29th. I guess I thought I already blogged about it because I downloaded the pics as soon as we got home. But I guess I never quite turned them into a blog post. Dude! I think I'm losing my mind.

But anyways, we made our annual pilgrimage to see the Gaylord Ice exhibit. This year, they had a Shrek theme. I had never really sat down and watched a Shrek movie, so probably a lot of the details and nuances were lost on me.

And Sophia was less than cooperative for pics.

So I had to pose by myself since she wouldn't come stand with me. :(

"Mom! I'm cold!"

I would have to say, that next year, depending on the theme, we may or may not go. If it's not something we're into, we'll probably skip it. Sophia didn't really enjoy it at all.

Or maybe it was because we went so close to lunch time and she was starving??

It was the first time we ate there because we were so starved! It was definitely pretty. We ate at the Riverwalk Cantina. Scenery great! For the price, definitely not worth it. But for the convenience....worth every penny!

And once we got our food (the service was super slow), Sophia was happy again.

And she was in the mood to look around.....

And even pose for a few pics.

Why is it that EVERY day of parenthood has to be a learning experience? I'm tired of learning!


Allison said...

Yes, and lots more years of learning. I think the hardest stuff to learn is ahead of us too. :( Love the Gaylord though I can understand giving yourselves a year off.

kristy said...

Ugh! I know how expensive that trip is and then for the one person you do it all of to not enjoy it- and then poor mom in her loney picture!! I feel your pain! Glad a little food the belly turned the day around. By the way- we love all the Shrek movies- very witty!! you would laugh more than Sophia!! AND someone just told me this saying :small kids small problems, big kids big problem!" double ugh!!