Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Russell/Daddy!!!!

Russell's birthday week started off with a bang! Race car decorations and brisket tacos (which is a long story....). Bascially, I cooked the brisket in the crock pot for 8 hours, wasn't quite ready so we just let it keep cooking. We'd had a big lunch so we weren't that hungry. I decided to go to bed. I asked Russell if he'd remember to put the brisket that was cooling in the fridge. And he forgot. But it was his birthday week, so really I should have put it away. So needless to say, we never tasted the brisket tacos. Dang!!!

The next night it was Zuroma's pizza. Super yummy!

Then tonight....a chicken feta recipe with noodles and Boston Creme Pie....Russell's fave!
Then time to open cards. 

Then it was cake time!

Sophia was all about the icing!

Happy 43rd birthday Russell!!!!

I'll just go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room....the cake. I'll admit. I'm not a baker. And every year I try to make a Boston Creme Pie or eclairs and every year I somehow mess it up.  So please excuse my mudslide cake, but...

Sophia didn't care. It all tastes the same going down.

I'm more of a dip/appetizer girl.

She was in chocolate heaven!

She declared that it was the "best birthday ever!" And it's not even her party. So who cares if the cake looks pretty??

However, I think it does look pretty, smeared all over Sophia. Dang girl! She had chocolate everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Whistle! I think you are one cool cat...and very kind and patient. And funny! And Erin, that cake looks DELICIOUS!

Allison said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Russell!! Who cares if it caves (or whatever) - it looks really tasty!! Mmmmm.

kristy said...

What? Cake looks yummy, like cakes should look!! Happy day, Russell!