Monday, January 2, 2012

More Park Time!!!!!

New Years Eve started out with park play. I really never appreciated parks until I had Sophia. 

This swing is her favorite. I'm assuming it was designed for someone who couldn't hold on and swing but was bigger than the traditional baby swing. But Sophia loves it. I think, mostly because she can just sit and veg... relax. 
She can go pretty high on it. 

Although swinging is her favorite, she still likes to slide a bit.

We brought her scooter on this outing. Fits perfectly in  my trunk. And yes, Sophia picked out her outfit. She's getting better. And yes, still big on the hair accessories. But in her defense, if she doesn't wear any, her hair is in her face. So to her, the more, the better.

Russell also brought our soccer ball. Sophia made a new friend to kick the ball around with.

Then back to swinging!

Just love those pure moments of joy. Something so simple brings so much joy.

No pics from New Years Eve Night. But we grilled rib eyes and bacon wrapped shrimp. And Russell made the best roasted asparagus ever! It was a good night. Somehow, the 2 of us managed to stay up until midnight. It was probably because we were watching the Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin New Years Show on CNN. They are hilarious!
Happy New Year!!!


Allison said...

Up until midnight?! Wowee! I was back up just after midnight but it wasn't by choice! ;) Happy New Year Kaminskis.

Anonymous said...

Pure joy is right! And I love her outfit...cute shirt and that skirt is fabulous! Happy New Year!