Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Last Running of the Train

This past Saturday, we had our last running of the train with our special guests, Atticus and Tricia. Unfortunately because I was dealing with a pouty Sophia, I have no pics of that (she was upset because she didn't get the first turn to run the train). We tried explaining that guests get the first turn but she was having none of it and stormed off to her room to pout. Fortunately, this did not bother Atticus in the least, and he (I think) enjoyed the train. I'm glad he ignored her antics. 

But then after that, we went outside to test out Atticus's toy he brought over to share. It was this super cool rocket launcher that you jump on to launch.

Atticus was a pro!

Sophia needed a little work on her form but still enjoyed it none the less.

I'm not sure who had more fun, Atticus and Sophia shooting the rockets or Russell fielding them.

Then we took turns between shooting the rockets and mowing the lawn.

Sophia had to apologize for running over Atticus's hand. He was very quick to forgive and move on.

And honestly, I can't even remember what happened to set Sophia off (Tri help me remember). But she was obviously upset.

I'm assuming it had something to do with taking turns???

Next up, the princess castle.

Then a show (Bubble Guppies).

Just chillin'! 

For 2 "only" children (still searching for a better term for that, it sounds so lonely and sad), I'm glad they found each other. They teach each other to share, take turns, and have someone to hang out with, other that us. So glad these 2 have each other!


Anonymous said...

You got some great mid-air shots! They were doing great alternating between the rocket and the lawn mower, then I think they both wanted the same thing at the same time. They both got frustrated and decided it was time to go in! Atticus had a ball with the trains, and Sophia is always gracious about sharing. It's hard to have another kid come into her territory. I am so thankful that these two have each other. They get to see each other often, have lots of fun, and practice those social skills. Bonus? Our friendship has blossomed, too!

kristy said...

First, where do we one of those rocket launchers? 2nd, they are getting so big!! Lastly, what a sweet friendship... on all accounts!