Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday was supposed to be filled with family, a church service (our once a year pilgrimage) , good food, an Easter egg hunt (which included money), and just a relaxing day in general.

Instead, it was filled with just us 3 at our house, nursing a sick kid who has strep (and maybe a virus on top of that), hot dogs and tater tots for lunch, no Easter egg hunts and no relaxation whatsoever. Yes, I know...cue the violins. I think the rain did not help my mood but it definitely helped my nap. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain.

Sunday morning began very early, around 5:00 am(?) with a crying baby who was burning up. Bless her heart. Usually with strep (she's had it at least 2 or 3 times a year since she was 9 months), she'll perk right up after a few doses of antibiotics. But not this time. 

We ended up making a pallet on the floor again. We watched a few many Max and Ruby's. She complained of a tummy ache and a headache. She was pretty much crying uncontrollably by 7 am. We decided since she still wasn't fever free for 24 hours and was not feeling good that we'd stay home from Easter lunch at my parents.

Sophia has had moments of fun, playfulness like these below.  Around 11 am, I realized I hadn't even put together her Easter basket. So I hurriedly got it all together (sad huh?). Thank goodness I haven't told her there's a real Easter bunny or she'd really be bummed. We grew up knowing my mom and dad were the Easter bunny, so I just carried on the tradition. 
She was pretty pleased with her loot.

She's been asking for these princess shoes forever (Well, really just the Ariel ones but they sell them as a set. Thank goodness the Ariel ones are flats).

Sophia is always up for a new stuffed animal.

Pretty much the day stunk. We missed seeing my family and enjoying all of the food, fun and festivities. I mean our Easter lunch was hot dogs and tater tots folks! Now don't get me wrong, I'm always up for tater tots, but not on Easter Sunday. Sophia's fever returned every 4 hours like clock work. So I had to stay home with her on Monday too.

But her Easter weekend wasn't a total loss. At least she a fun party at school that previous Thursday. So it makes me happy to look back on the pics of her school party (that Ms. Melanie was kind enough to take for us). 

Moments like this (with a sick kid) always help put things into perspective...at least a have a good, fun family  to miss, I have a dr. to take Sophia to just because she's running a fever, and of course, at least it's just strep. I mean there are so many families dealing with cancer, diabetes and other serious health issues. All in all, I'm pretty darn lucky/blessed.

Happy Easter!!!!


Meg said...

Sorry the actual holiday was so blue but Sophia had a smash up party at school! Lucky girl! Hope all the sick is gone now!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Aww, glad she got a little easter and new shoes seem to fix everything right up!!

PS. After seeing that scary looking EB I would tell my kids there is no EB, too-lol

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Aww, glad she got a little easter and new shoes seem to fix everything right up!!

PS. After seeing that scary looking EB I would tell my kids there is no EB, too-lol

Allison said...

She is lucky that the Easter Bunny doesn't visit her house - because he does not bring that kind of loot! Yahoo! Fun stuff! (Well, I guess I can only speak for my house on the loot thing.) Sorry it was so different from what you were planning/expecting/wanting. That is always so disappointing!

That looks like a fun school party though, and her ears are fab!

Dina said...

I am so sorry Sophia was sick and I'm so sorry your plans were ruined!

I guess you'll just have to go to church next weekend! :)ha!

Hope she's feeling better now.

Joanne said...

That party looks rockin'!!! And how they got all the kids looking and smiling at the camera? wow!

Sorry you've been battling the sickies! Poor Sophia! I know exactly how you feel though!

Oh, and a rain storm definitely always helps my nap as well ;)