Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Real Food

Recently I started reading articles from this website Real Food Challenge . It promotes eating less processed foods. Actually, The Real Food Challenge is to go 100 days without eating ANY processed foods. Now, I didn't want to go crazy and go cold turkey but I've started to look for ways to cut out some processed foods. 

I decided that the weekends are the best time for me to try out these new recipes since I have more time (and the summer vacation).

My first mission, search for a recipe for homemade chocolate chip waffles to replace the Ego variety Sophia usually eats in the morning (yes, I'm feeding my daughter junk in the mornings, don't judge. LOL). 

I decided to do this on a weekend morning so that I'd have time to make them and then freeze the ones she didn't eat.....wishful thinking.

Sophia did love to help stir up the ingredients (And no I did not use Bisquick or a pre-made mixture. I used a recipe I found on the Real Food Website).

The only addition I made was to add mini-chocolate chips (yes, still not healthy but it's gotta be better for her body than the Ego variety. Right?). 

We poured the mixture in and waited for the red light to turn off and the green light to turn on.

There was a lot of steam, hissing and tooting sounds. First batch came out ok.

Now to start batch number 2. I guess I poured too much batter in. Yikes!

But this batch turned deadly when the safety locking mechanism flew off. Yes! It shot out from the waffle maker (Keep in mind, it was brand new. I just bought it. I've never made waffles with Sophia so we had to buy one).

Sophia declared that she did not like the waffle maker. It made scary sounds, tooted, overflowed (was messy)and then part of it blew off.

She wanted no part of these waffles.

Here they are. 

Like I said, Sophia didn't really want to sample these waffles just based on her waffle making experience. 

So getting her to take a bite was like pulling teeth.

So I took a bite. YUM! It tasted like a chocolate chip cookie.

Sophia didn't believe me but was willing to give it a shot.

"Mom! Stop taking pictures of me! OK! Fine! I'll just hide behind my waffle".

Finally, she took a bite.

Only one.....but at least she tried it. It actually was good. So I think if maybe we try the whole process again and she knows what to expect, maybe she'll eat more. I mean, it worked with our family meals and now she's pretty much eating whatever we eat including grilled chicken. The thing with her, is that she's such a creature of habit (wonder where she gets that from?) that if it looks different or tastes different (or has a different texture), then she doesn't want to eat it.

But back to the Real Food Challenge...I told Sophia were going to start limiting our boxed foods. So when we run out of the cheesy Ritz mini crackers, we're not buying more right away. Which we did. We ran out the other day. And I showed her how to make homemade cheese and crackers (folding the cheese and making squares of it then making a cracker sandwich). She LOVED it and declared that I make the best snacks ever.

I think as an on- the- go kinda mom who works outside the home, I've kinda become dependent on the quick, prepackaged snacks, which I think in moderation are ok.  But literally our pantry is overflowing with prepackaged/processed foods. 

Don't get me wrong....I'm not going all crazy and making homemade pasta or anything. That will still come from a box for sure. But maybe I'll try to find a homemade, quick recipe for the pasta sauce? 
I just figure it's easier to break our bad eating habits now while she's still young.


Anonymous said...

Confession: I giggled a little bit about the handle flying off the waffle maker. I mean, that's just bizarro! I'm sorry. I like this Real Food Challenge. I carry a lot of guilt for the processed foods Atticus eats. Ugh. Motherhood...the neverending guilt trip. Anyway, I'm definitely going to give this website a peek. Thanks!

Allison said...

Yikes! I hope you got your money back! Good thing it didn't take out an eye! I can understand why Sophia might not like a tooty waffle. You are probably right though, she will like them next time. Good for you - she has come a long way! We have a LONG way to go still... can Emily come over for dinner?