Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Week in Review

So to sum up our was full of highs and lows (thanks Kristy for your high/low inspiration). 

One of the lows was Sophia being sick (strep).
But by Wednesday, she was almost back to her normal self (high). Her Paw-Paw and Nana brought by some dinner for us (sorry no pics) (but definitely a high).

So by Thursday, Russell and I were both back to work and Sophia was back to school (a high, I love routine).

Then the weekend came. And I hit a low. My phone fell off of the arm of the sofa and hit our hardwood floors (it's done that a million times so I guess I was due for some breakage eventually). The floor won..... The high is that I was due for an upgrade. So HELLO 4GS! And another HIGH Russell wasn't even mad. He was bewildered that I hadn't done it sooner.

Another high, a birthday party on Sunday. 

It was for Sophia's friend Camden that she knew at Ms. Laura's, not to be confused with the current Kamden at Ms. Melanie's.

Sophia was super nervous and worried because she wouldn't know anyone (she really doesn't even know Camden).

But the high was that she had a BLAST at the party, even though she was scared. So bravo to Sophia for facing her fears (high!).

It was so fun watching Sophia play basketball. 

And watching her go crazy on the bounce house slide.

By pizza time, she was pooped.

Here's the guest of honor, Camden (turning 5).

Did someone say pizza? Another high for Sophia. She loves pizza (and Tri, did you notice she's not touching it with her hands? I swear you two are so alike).

Another low.....After she finished her pizza, she remembered that she got a "rug" burn on the bounce house slide.

But how can you not believe those eyes?? They melt my heart.

But not anything a little cupcake can't cure.

Then more basketball. I was just happy that she played because she was so worried that she didn't know anyone. I tried to reassure her that I hardly know anyone either and that we just have to be brave and go. I tried to remind her that Camden probably felt the same way back in June when he came to her birthday party and didn't know anyone either.

After all that, she was pooped.

I said pooped!

Just for comparison, here's Sophia at Camden's 2 year old birthday party. She was 9 months or so. Still in her helmet. In fact, in these pics, she's got the beginnings of strep (days later we went to the doctor and she was diagnosed). This was Sophia's first case of it....soon to be followed by it every 3-4 months. Just like her daddy. I've never had it but Russell's had it multiple times since I've been teaching. Either I bring it home or he gets it from work.

At this point she was pulling up and cruising.

And there's Camden to help her out.

I guess I need to go back and narrate Sophia's first year that I didn't blog because her viewing audience missed so much. :) Just kidding. Another high...I won't subject you to that.
 Just kidding


Allison said...

What a week! Lots going on! Yahoo for all of the highs though! Also, I always love flashback pics! Cute!

Dina said...

If Sophia gave me those puppy dog eyes, I would give her whatever she wanted! And I loved seeing the baby pics!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of the highs and lows...just ask Kristy Fey! What a fun post! Love how you and Sophia worked through not knowing anyone at the party...that's big. And she is the only other person I know, besides myself, that eats pizza with a fork. Love that girl! We're connected!