Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little of This, A Little of That

Saturday was our grocery shopping day (I usually do it Friday after school while Sophia's still in school). But Sophia was with me this time. She was very helpful.

We did happen to run across a must-have for any Rangers fan. Rangers Chips (Target on Precinct Line Rd).

When we arrived home from shopping, we came home to "happy mail". My order (and gift) from my friend Kristy. Sophia LOVES the bag and towel! You should check out her blog here and her Etsy shop here.

Here's what my bag looks like. She made it for my birthday. I LOVE it! The colors and design are perfect (and I carried it as my school bag exciting).
Scrappy Personalized Canvas Bunting Bag

Then, later in the day, we got a visit from Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia.

As usual, they came bearing gifts.

Then Sophia wanted to watch X-men (her new favorite show......Russell's influence).

In this pic, she's tired of me taking pics with the flash.

REALLY tired of me taking pics.

Then it was time for dinner and we had decided to serve Sophia up with some leftover pizza while we ate grilled chicken with salad. BUT, Sophia wanted to have some grilled chicken (this is the 2nd time she's done this so it's not an anomaly). She ate about a half of a grilled chicken breast. Pretty impressive.

Then it was time for "Face Time" on Uncle Brice's phone (new to me, didn't know it existed). That's why I have I don't have to be technologically literate...well for starters anyways. There are many other reasons, but I digress.

By the way, they're on the phone with Aunt Brandy and cousin Maddie who live in NC.

Sophia showing her Aunt and cousin her room.

After that, Sophia was very playful and wanted to accessorize her Aunt and Uncles heads with their visors (they came from a golfing thing).

Then Sophia wanted to be accessorized with her new slinky.

Then it was Uncle Brice's turn. Luckily, they had 2 for each ear.

Then it was dance party time (Sophia had to have her bunny ears).

Have you had enough entertainment/entertaining yet Uncle B and Aunt C?.

Yep, Sophia was SUPER ready for bed. 

Night! Night!

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