Sunday, April 22, 2012


Friday night, I gathered with some friends to surprise our mutual friend Donna, for her (early) birthday). Her daughter (my friend) Dina, planned the entire thing. 
Her church does an annual ladies night, called Dine by Design. Each host (I'm assuming you had to sign up to host a table), invites the people to fill her table. And each table is decorated by the host in a different way, different themes, etc. 

Dina had this great idea to decorate her table for her mom's upcoming birthday (on Monday). Then Dina had this great idea to invite her mom's friends to surprise her by being at her table (Donna thought her table was going to filled with only Dina's friends. I was the only one that she knew was coming. And she also did not know Dina's table theme at all).

We got there about 15 minutes before Donna did and hid. 

Then we walked up, me in front. Surprise!!!!
And boy was she surprised!

Here's Dina's beautiful table design. It was so cute! And she had a bunch of pictures of Donna from her 20's, 30's etc.

Here's another table that I also liked. Their theme was Pinterest. Everything on the table was a craft/idea they'd found on Pinterest. 

I especially loved the coasters made from Scrabble letters.

Back to our table....

Here's Tricia and Gina. Such cute pink ladies!

Here's Donna and her daughter Dina.

Here's Gina, Donna and Mary (and Dyana was just to the left of Gina).

Happy early birthday sweet friend!

So after we ate (catered by The Cotton Patch), there was a music performance and an inspirational speaker. It was a fun night! Love hanging out with these ladies!
Thanks for inviting me Dina!


Allison said...

That looks and sounds like a ton of fun! What a great tablescape, Dina!! The stacked centerpiece is greatness - as is the guest of honor. A special night indeed!

Anonymous said...

You captured Donna's reaction perfectly!!! Well done! It was a fun night. I keep laughing when I think about Dina's closed eyes. Good times!

Dina said...

I love your pictures! It was a fun night!

Meg said...

That was fabulous idea for a surprise party! The decorations were really great, Happy Birthday to Donna! Those functions are so fun to see so much creativity in one space! Great pictures of the surprise and the friendship!!