Wednesday, April 11, 2012


These are pics taken on Monday, Sophia's first day to be quarantined. She was still not fever free for 24 hours. Her fever kept coming back every 4 hours (when her Tylenol/Motrin would wear off).

Coloring while laying down, new for her. She really must be tired.

But then she'd have these bursts of energy and would play.

I've learned over the years to always have a stash of Popsicles on hand...helps a sore throat, helps if they're feverish and Sophia just loves them. I'm sure there are some all natural ones out there but Sophia picked these at the store (the same kind we had growing up, except now they can come in layered colors, fancy!).

Other things I've learned to stock up on for a sick kiddo (as I've had tons of experience), saltines (Sophia loves the mini ones), bananas (I buy a bundle each week (whether we eat them or not), bread, applesauce, Motrin, and Tylenol and ice packs (I got those little boo-boo packs with Princesses on them).


Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

poor thing!! At least mama makes it fun-ish! I wanna be sick at your house!

Allison said...

That popsicle picture is pretty funny. And princess boo boo packs make everything better.