Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun Friday

Friday evening, we met Tricia and Atticus up at the Hurst Rec. Center for some fun at the waterpark. It was once again, very entertaining to watch them interact. Atticus was LOVING the water. Sophia was too, but she was more about climbing the stairs of the playscape.
After all that fun, which was not captured by a camera, we met up at Cici's for a quick bite to eat.
Here they are at the table.

Here, Sophia looks like she is scoping out Atticus's plate. Swiper, no swiping!
I didn't know if she'd eat the pizza. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. But she seemed to enjoy it (but that's why I brought the never know with her).

Atticus has a major love for Parmesan cheese.
He was even willing to share some with Sophia.

By the way, when we were getting ready for the playdate, I got like 2 ponytail holders and 2 clips (and she already had 1 clip in her hair) out to "style" her hair. I didn't know what I was wanted to do yet with her hair but I was prepared with the accessories. I decided on a simple ponytail holder in the front to keep her hair out of her face. But no, that wasn't what Sophia had in mind. She wanted me to use all the ponytail holders and clips in her hair. So I just kept adding to it. So if you're wondering why so many hair accessories, that's why. Although, you probably didn't even notice.

Sophia was really into the desserts.
It was so funny, after we had finished eating, Sophia and Atticus were playing around, "getting" each other. Sophia snuck up on him here and tickled him.
Those 2 never disappoint, always entertaining.
On a couple of side notes, as far as potty training goes, she's still doing great. She has about 1 accident a day not including her overnight pull ups which are sometimes full and sometimes almost dry.
Also, Sophia has started saying "not" alot. She's using it in place of "no". I can't figure out why, except maybe because she's gotten so many spankings and time outs for telling us "no" that now she's trying to outsmart us by saying "not". But this is how a convo might go with her.
Me: Sophia, do you want chicken nuggets for dinner.
Sophia: Not.
Me: Sophia, it's time for bed.
Sophia: Not.
Just had to add this for her babybook documentation.


Anonymous said...

You're right...those two never disappoint! It's fun seeing Sophia come out of her shell throughout their time together. Sometimes she starts out a little tentative, but it doesn't take long for her to open up. They were funny at the pizza place!
P.S. Her hair had style...I loved it!

Allison said...

Your night looked like a total bore! Not

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Allison stole my comment!! :)