Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jane's 4th Birthday Party

On Tuesday, we went to our friend Jane's 4th birthday party. She's a member of our playgroup. It was at the Hurst Rec. Center Aquatic Park.
When we first got there, we didn't see Jane, but Jill, her little sister, was there to welcome us.

It was so funny, Sophia and Jill were just checking each other out.

It's like they're sizing each other up.
There's the birthday girl!
It was funny to watch Sophia interact with the other kids, especially since there were so many girls there. She's used to playing with boys.

Sophia just wanted to hit the water! So off we went to swim and slide. And of course climb those stairs. One of the slides she went down, she kept getting stuck so the lifeguard had to climb up the slide and slide down with her.

Cute cake idea! They're actually cupcakes, so you just tear them apart and serve. Super easy and way less trouble than an entire cake.

Sophia wanted a chocolate cupcake but never actually ate the cake part. She was all about the icing.

I think Jill has this cupcake thing down.

Awwww! Sweet Jena was even there!

The girls kept eying the pinata.
I think Jill was making sure Sophia didn't touch it.

I think Jane was a little disappointed she didn't break it wide open on the first hit.

They did eventually bust it open.
We had to leave a little early so Sophia could catch her nap...and I needed a nap too.
Great party and happy birthday Jane!


Joanne said...

You got some great pictures! I hope you guys had fun! Thank you so much for coming! I especially like the pics of Jill and Sophia sizing each other up!

Allison said...

Such a fun party - a good place to survive the heat indeed!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable group of girls!!! It looks like Jane had a really fun party. Hooray for birthdays!

TLEB said...

I second Joanne - you got great pictures! I didn't even get out my camera! :( It looked like Sophia had a great time - good for her for being so brave to go down those big slides! (of course they were also the slowest slides on earth!!)